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The owner & Author

Carol Lilja

Soon sixty, but far from finished with the task, a strong-willed antiracist since almost birth, born in Finland, emigrated to Sweden as very young, as so many others in 'the 60-ties with my parents, either I wanted or not.

   I started to write many years back, long before computers were everyman's property, so by pen and paper so to say. must admit it was much what ended in the rubbish bin as practice pieces or trash. 

    Lives in Skaraborg County in Sweden for more than ten years back, with hubby and dogs, but I don't even think I've plan to quit writing, more will be published 4-5 projects during progress right now. 

    Started the publishing company in 2016 in protest towards established ripping off publishing houses, who dictates what you shall write. 

    Or in which genre, breaks genre boundaries happily as I wish, when I wish, a rebel with letters. disturbing established publishers with an intent. I don't need to explain for  you how to order from Amazon, I don't think so anyway. 


See you in your bookshelf!   


We distribute all over the world, EXCEPT Russian Federation, Belarus, China and Iran



   The publishing company and the bookstore will get a web store, very soon. For own books and for the cooperation companies' books. And as well as the location för the physical store and making it mobile. 

   The kiosk's future has been solved, and is incorporated in the book shop. 

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