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The owner/CEO & Author Carol Lilja


Soon sixty, but far from finished with the task I've started up, a strong-willed antiracist since almost birth, born in Finland, with a huge dose of SISU, Finnish stubbornness. Emigrated to Sweden as very young, like so many others in the good ol' 60-ties with my parents, whether I wanted it or not.

   I started to write many years back, books, novels, whatever, long before computers were everyman's property, so pen and paper were, so to say, the main tools. I must admit it was much what ended up in the rubbish bin as practice pieces or real trash, it's not an unusual end for poor products. 

    I have lived in Skaraborg County in Sweden for more than ten years, with my hubby and dogs, but I don't even think I plan to quit writing, More will be published in 4 - 5 projects during progress right now. 

    Started the publishing company in 2016 in protest towards established ripping off publishing houses, who dictate what you shall write. 

    Or in which genre, breaks genre boundaries happily as I wish, when I wish, a rebel with letters. disturbing established publishers with an intent. A stubborn, determined character, who's not afraid of either The Devil or God Almighty.


   Don't come to tell me "You can't do this and that, because ...." (especially if it's a silly reason). Then I do it to prove that I don't care, except if it's plain stupid or criminal, or if I am not interested in it. I've no boundaries other than those I choose to stay away from.

   I'm of the old breed, who's not expecting any freebies, that everything in life has a price tag in one shape or another, and we have responsibility for our lives and what we do in our lives.

   Born and raised to be a tough cookie. I don't need to explain to you how to order from Amazon, I don't think so anyway. 


See you on your bookshelf! If you're passing by Aelgaraas, welcome in and say hello to us! 

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