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Who we are

   The company opened its doors in 2016, on a very small scale, still based in Sweden, but can move out if the political situation changes unfavorable for free speech. We stand up for free speech, but will not tolerate extremism.

   But companies who are hungry want more, so here we are. No fuzz, no stand-backs, and we're only advancing forward. very few boundaries in subjects. Can and will depict hard and difficult subjects, realism, hard action, honestly, that's the content core words. 

   We act according to almost military core values which we not will bypass for any reason, If someone is stupid, it's disregarding their looks, they're still as stupid.

    The physical shop opened in 2021 on a humble scale, growing slowly, making progress, and now, expanding to larger facilities during the winter of 2023/24, slow and steady, with no rush. Will have tourist info, of course, for our foreign friends who are passing by.  Skaraborg is full of history worth seeing.

   Always expect new stuff from us, we're not sitting still, and new translations are on the go 24-7, as well as US-only specific books.

   Our USA-oriented production is mainly distributed by to cut costs, for both customers and us, and cut delivery times to a minimum. freight from Sweden to the USA are so high, that it can exceed the value of the goods.

Our core values are as follows in basic terms: 

  • All humans have equal value, regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, gender, or sexual preference
  • We do not tolerate hate speech/propaganda, Fake News, or such, primarily to discredit or harm specific individuals or groups. our core values apply as well to our author's private publication on social media. 
  • If we see any of our authors spreading fake news, hate speech, or similar, which violates our core values of everyone's equal value, to not be harrassed or demeaned due the religious belief ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference, it's finished. Then the author has to leave us, and their books will be removed from the sales lists.


Our strong view of Russia and its allies depends entirely on the gross war crimes they have committed, and we hope the international society will take on it someday. We speak therefore about severe criminals and their henchmen. 

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