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NO COPYRIGHT - Absolutely free to spread WORLDWIDE as you wish, this ugly war has to STOP! With a Ruskie Defeat!

An open letter to Russia

COPY AND SPREAD to show your support for Ukraine:

An open letter to Russia:


   You can call me by many names, I'm only one of many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions. You may call me international opinions, as well as sanctions, Free speech, and so on, we've many names, in and outside the Russian Federation.

   We're too powerful for you to handle, you've faced actions already, and it will be more of that is waiting for you. Let me make it clear to you: You have to pay the price for it, in one way or another. every action has its reaction, including military reactions, and if needed we will interfere to give you a reminder by military actions, we do so.


   Don't ever think you're come to get away with this unharmed. You have a price tag to pay. In one way or another, Russian civilians may be indirectly targeted, due to your leader, this state-sanctioned terrorist, and murderer. Think twice, leave Ukraine, or face consequences for it.



Your worst enemy.

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